Tuesday, November 12, 2013

$10,750 to the Massage Therapy Foundation -charitable contribution

Bolingbrook, IL. Massage Warehouse Sanctuary made a charitable contribution of $10,750 to the Massage Therapy Foundation during the American Massage Therapy Association's (AMTA) national convention in Fort Worth, Texas. It was Massage Warehouse Sanctuary's largest single philanthropic donation to date.

Friday, November 8, 2013

DAY SPA & SALON NEWSLETTERS / eNewsletters: Create your own customized seasonal day spa newsletters and email blasts at least two times per year, if not six times. Show off your staff, services and introduce new products. Tell about your fundraisers, success stories, awards and achievements. Invite clients to become models in your photo- sessions. In a soft-sell manner, you can include one to three Introductory Gift Certificate / Card Offers on the back page of each newsletter. Don't be afraid to promote some of your new services at full price.

For example if it is nailcare month, everyone but nailcare artists are to ask their clients, "Have you ever experienced one of our professional nailcare services before?" If they are a nailcare client, let it go with compliments. If not, pull a beautiful certificate out of your drawerNovember Business Women's Specials & Programs
December Holiday Gift Certificate & Gift Basket Promotions
NETWORKING: Next, we suggest you begin to "Network" with clients, community leaders, your distributor’s sales consultants, friends and business associates before you begin to confirm any of your earlier ideas from the staff Promotional Brainstorming Meetings.
Every Chamber of Commerce has a 'Community Organizations List', sometimes known as 'The Presidents List'. This list contains the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the most important people in town from political leaders to socialites, civic, religious and fraternal organization leaders. Many Chambers sell this list for a few dollars. Others only give it to their members.
Join the Chamber, so you can attend their networking parties. As you get to know these local leaders, you can offer to work with them on fashion shows, lecture-demonstrations, charity fundraisers, Club Discount Nights and many other activities. Offer every one of the presidents, vice presidents and social committee chair people a 20% OFF V.I.P. Introductory Discount or some valuable day spa introduction freebie gift. If you are computerized, it will be easy to send them each a personalized letter offering to work with their clubs on these same promotional activities.
DAY SPA SALON MENUS: Service menus are an absolute must for every full-service salon, day spa salon and medical spa! It is surprising that many haven't invested in these necessities yet. You need to tell your clients about all of your Haircare, Skincare, Nailcare, Makeup, Sugaring Hair Removal, Bodycare, Massage and SpaCare Packages, besides your Gift Certificates, retail products, prices and hours in order to get them interested in more than just the basic service they came in for in the first place. Introduce several new hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, auyervedic and Reiki Treatments each year to keep it exciting. Keep these out at all times and have plenty of extras ready to hand out at charitable fundraisers, Chamber Of Commerce Networking Parties, TV talk shows or wherever your staff performs. Make them unique, professional and colorful.
DAY SPA PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS & STYLES: Work with a local professional photographer to create PR and advertising photos of your best haircare, skincare and nailcare artistry. Have one day when every staff member can bring in one or two models for photographs. Submit these photos to the local fashion press and the national beauty industry magazines with seasonal press release packages.
Besides photographing finished hairstyles or nailcare artistry, be sure to have a photo session showing clients getting a Vichey Shower Treatment, a Seaweed Treatment, Facial or Massage. Perhaps, get a shot of day spa guests casually relaxing over some wine in a tranquil area of your spa. Don’t be afraid to discreetly pose some semi-nude photographs like you see in any of the day spa trade magazines. The media loves this kind of work. If possible, barter with the photographers for part of the photo-session costs. Finding a female photographer may be an extra advantage to this bartering idea.
WORK WITH YOUR BEAUTYCARE DISTRIBUTORS: Many of these folks would be very happy to help you with your community events, especially if it is a major charity fundraiser. Visit your beauty supply distributor's salon consultant to brainstorm their non-advertised marketing and promotional ideas. Some beauty distributors have trained their staff on day spa service marketing. Many now offer day spa educational sessions on their special products and services. Invite them to your staff promotional meeting.
To get you and your staff started, here are a few ideas. Remember, some promotions can be done right within your day spa salon, while others will require getting more actively involved outside of your day spa within your local community. Be open to a full array of promotional activities that are fun for you, your staff... and most importantly - your clients!
CLIENT REFERRAL PLANS: These special promotions really do work - but only if you and your entire staff create a long-term partnership to make them work! Create printed day spa salon brochures that offer a free facial, massage or manicure to anyone who sends in at least 2 of their friends. This Client Referral Brochure should briefly tell about your day spa and salon services. This brochure should include 2 each of 6 separate 'Facial', 'Massage' and 'Nailcare Discount Certificates' each valid for a 1/2 price introductory Service - for new clients only! After each 2 new day spa clients come in - reward your referring regulars with the same FREE facial, massage or manicure. You must create exciting offers that will motivate your clients to bring in their friends, business associates and relatives. Introduce this Client Referral promotion by asking each client; "How would you like your next facial (or massage / manicure) for FREE?"
Visit an artist at your local quick printer to create and print professional day spa Client Referral Brochures. Client Referral Programs don't work on a short term basis. You must continually promote them all year long!
REFERRAL - GIFT CERTIFICATE SALE: This is a terrific idea to build new day spa clients through your regulars. It simply works like a New Client Referral Certificate Sale. Create posters that note "Buy Any 2 Day Spa Gift Certificates - For friends and Family... Get the same certificate for yourself - FREE!" It will be important to have pre-printed day spa

, filling in their name and address. Some day spas and salons create monthly Staff Referral Contests, awarding those staff members who get the most regulars to experience that targeted area for the first time.

MUSIC TO THE EARS: Each year, local schools are desperately seeking new ways to fund the music and art programs where budgets have been drastically cut. Offer to pay a $100. or $200. donation to have a small selection of their musicians play each Saturday for one month. If you're up to it, bring the entire High School Marching Band to the front of your day spa in the parking lot, allowing them to work with you on a school fundraiser with your clients. You'll be amazed at the attention you'll get by letting a band march around the front of you spa for an hour concert.
MORE - SYMPHONIC MUSIC: Don't be afraid to work with more than one music program, The music teacher could probably help you with talented violinists, cellists and a harp player. Even electronic keyboards make pianists available today in a day spa environment. Some spas barter salon services for professional musicians and experienced adult musicians.
FREE FACIALS: Some salons have successfully introduced First Time Facial Treatments to their haircare clients, by promoting a FREE Facial with any complete shampoo, haircut and style during a one month promotion. Getting people to experience a new spa or skincare service the first time is the most challenging. Give clients a reason to love you, your staff and your services. Don't be afraid to invest in expanded services by giving away a little of what you do best. They'll be back, paying for more.
DRESS UP -- JUST FOR FUN: You should always look very professional every day with a coordinated set of salon colors. Have fun dressing up at least one day or weekend every other month using some special theme when your day spa salon will be busy. This makes it fun for your regular clients. The more outrageous you make it - the more they'll talk about you to their friends, relatives and neighbors. Here's just another simple way to make yourselves 'the talk of the town'. Just be careful, not to get tacky. You may want to dress up in a tuxedo look a few times each year. You may want to wear matching suspenders or vests. Another idea would be to wear very old vintage clothing.
POWER WITH FLOWERS: Every now and then, just surprise your clients with a long-stemmed red or white rose on one of your busiest Saturdays or Sundays. This promotional idea surely works great on Valentine's Day or the Saturdays before Mother's Day as a gift with any service. Work with a local florist to cross-promote each other's services. They might not mind your delays and crowds as much.
STAFF MAKEOVER PARTIES: Once or twice a year you should have the staff divide into two teams to pamper their day spa partners. Let everyone experience the services they have never tried before! This is great for the receptionists, massage therapists and artistic designers alike.
TV TALK SHOWS: TV talk show producers are always looking for something new and they love makeovers. The entire topic of day spa services is also a new and exciting phenomenon to present as well. Team up for some sensational free exposure of your day spa salon before New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Father's Day. Another great time is during any Monday school holiday, when viewership is soaring. Use this very visual vehicle to promote your complete array of spa services.
You can also use TV Talk Shows to promote your next fundraiser, asking the charity to use their clout to get you on the talk shows. Have several makeover models prepared ahead of time with your best artistry. Have the video producers pre-tape the 'befores'. Then have at least 4 folks selected from the studio audience to get haircare or nailcare makeovers during the show. Then, quickly get to work on the models for a 10 minute final presentation at the end of the show. Take advantage of this opportunity to explain all of the latest in day spa services and salon fashions available today. You may even want to offer the studio audience mini-massages during commercial breaks. Remember to have your staff dress as a coordinated team and "Dress For Respect! ... not just for success". This is your opportunity to be a TV STAR!
SKILLS USA, NAIL TECH & COSMETOLOGY SCHOOLS: Get involved with your local high school Skills USA / VICA Chapter students, nail tech, aesthetician and cosmetology school students. Offer to do a few free lecture demonstration showing off each of your specialized spa and salon services. Help sponsor and judge haircare and nailcare competitions. Encourage these students to work with you in order to put some extra fun in your fundraisers. Guess who they will want to work for after graduation? Yes - YOU!!!
PROFESSIONAL MODELS & CHEERLEADERS: These fashion-forward young men and women need to invest in terrific looking hair, skin and nails. It's their social and career advantage to look fabulous from head to toe. Work with their instructors to set up introductory lecture demonstrations teaching these folks about all of the many day spa services and products available today. Trade your services for their modeling services and word-of-mouth promoting. Get them to volunteer at charity fundraising events. Offer them a special 20% Off Day Spa V.I.P. Card for any services. Whether it's a 


Feature Store & Charity Pool For November2013 is Lush Cosmetics


Save the Rain works to end the water crisis through rain water harvesting, one village at a time. Rainwater harvesting is simple – it’s an electricity-free process to catch, store, clean and use the rain as a sustainable water supply. Sustainability is the key. All of the systems are built using local materials and local labor. That way the communities are fully capable to build, maintain, and fix their systems, and to teach the methods to others. The village elects a committee to oversee the care and sustainability of the project. Donors fund the projects, but the community owns the water resource and decides how to use the resource to best serve the people.

Let The Power Of Aromatherapy Enhance Your Spa And Massage Practice Treatments

by Jean Shea October 31, 2013
Do you have a special scent that lifts your spirits or evokes fond memories of places you’ve been or special times with friends or family? I’m particularly fond of rosewood because it reminds me how much fun I had as a child being outdoors and exploring woodsy areas. It’s the power of scent over the mind and body that makes me so enthusiastic about aromatherapy in your spa and massage practice. When you dilute essential oils in lotions, cremes or oils; you enhance the therapeutic power of your treatments to soothe and heal. 


Message For Charity 
Featured Link

Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center
Find specialized research and operational insights quickly using the FP Online Knowledge Center, a searchable, comprehensive collection of more than 1,000 relevant sources. 

The National Center for Family Philanthropy is the only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to families who give and those that work with them. The National Center provides the research, expertise, and learning opportunities necessary to inspire our national network of giving families every step of the way on their philanthropic journey. Families learn how to transform their values into effective giving to achieve positive and enduring impact on the communities they serve. Together, we make great things happen!


Family Foundation CEO Leadership Guide Series Now Available

Press Release, February 2012
The National Center for Family Philanthropy has released a groundbreaking collection of  guides for family foundation CEOs and boards to help them better understand the qualities of effective family foundation leadership as well as its special challenges. The guides are designed for CEOs seeking tips for becoming more effective family foundation leaders. The CEO Leadership Guide series provides the tools, information, and support that new and experienced CEOs need to master the complex roles and demands of their positions.

What's Familiar, has Volunteers and Philanthrppist? Experience Spa!

Many people think of philanthropists as wealthy individuals who make large donations to charities and fundraisers.  This view is far from the truth, Philanthropy actually means “love of humanity”.  Anyone whose actions seek to promote the good of others falls into the category of philanthropist.  Massage therapists, by the very nature of their work, nourish and support others with the intent of increasing the well-being of the individual.  It makes sense that since the spirit of giving is so intrinsic to who massage therapists are, that this spirit would extend into the world in the form of charitable aid and donations.


These individuals are just a few of the many therapists who represent the best in all of us. Massage philanthropists give for many reasons.  It feels good to give from the heart and to know you are making a difference in someone else’s life, but giving offers many additional rewards.  Volunteerism is also good business. It offers therapists an opportunity to network with other therapists, share their skills with potential new clients, market new therapies or products and it is a great resume builder!

Message Therapy Foundation

Basics of Research Literacy

Basics of Research Literacy (BRL) is an online continuing education course for all massage practitioners and educators, offered in partnership with Education and Training Solutions. You can explore the basics of incorporating principles of research literacy into your practice or school curriculum at your own pace. For more information and to sign up for the class, click here.


Practitioners should feel empowered to give back to their communities. Here are some resources to guide you.

 We are pleased to offer the following guide to assist practitioners in providing massage in their communities: Massage Therapy for the Underserved in Your Community: How to Launch a Successful and Sustainable Community Service Project
Published Articles about MTF-Funded Community Service Projects
"Charitable Hearts and Hands-Serving the Underserved" by Karrie Osborn – an article published in the March/April 2009 issue of Massage and Bodywork Magazine featuring several Massage Therapy Foundation funded community service projects.
"Ventures in Therapeutic Massage for Developmentally Disabled Adults" – This project led by Kathryn Greschner of Cornerstone Ministries, Inc. in Cumberland, WI is featured in the BIOTONE Winter 08/09 Catalogue.
 "Paula Terminie's Story"– an article published in the Summer 2008 issue of AMTA Florida Journal. This article highlights a 2005 Massage Therapy Foundation community service grant entitled “Special Care for the Childbearing Year: Perinatal Massage”.
"The Hopevale Massage Therapy Project" – an article published in the Winter 2008 issue of the Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. This project, funded by the Massage Therapy Foundation in 2006, promotes the health of marginalized communities through hands-on treatments.
”Bodywork for the Homeless" by Cynthia Price, PhD – an article published in the Spring 2008 issue of Washington Massage Journal. It features a Foundation-funded community service project awarded to Alternative Healthcare Access Campaign in Seattle, WA in 2007.
“Connecting Passion and Community Service" by Jean Ives – an article published in the Fall 2007 issue of mtj on several past Massage Therapy Foundation Community Service Grant recipients.
“Camp Hope" – an article published in mtj about a 2006 Community Service Grant recipient Nancy Smith providing therapeutic massage to pediatric burn survivors.
"Giving Expectant Moms the Gift of Touch" by Kelle Walsh – an article published in Massage Magazine on 2005 grant recipient Paula Termini and her project, “Special Care for the Childbearing Year: Perinatal Massage.”

Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Change Behaviors that Hurt Spa or Massage Practice Client Relationships

by Jean Shea October 10, 2013
Could your behavior be driving away your spa or massage practice clients? Even if you aren’t losing clients, your actions and attitude may be getting in the way of developing the strong ties that keep clients coming back year after year. Joseph Callaway who along with his wife Joann own Those Callaways, a real estate company, and who authored Clients First: The Two Word Miracle, have some advice for small business owners about fixing bad habits that may be getting in the way of building relationships with clients that lead to real company growth. 

Click to open expanded view


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