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Toothy Tabs - Lush's eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste.

Toothy Tabs - Lush's eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste.

Making brushing your teeth fun since 2011!

As the clumsiest person on the face on the planet (are any of you the same?) Sometimes when travelling the thought of putting a squeezey tube of tooth paste in my luggage makes me feel extremely anxious and expect tooth paste splattered clothing upon arrival. This  is one of the many reasons I completely adore toothy tabs!
As an environmentally friendly, cavity loving and extremely efficient  product it ticks all the boxes. Toothy tabs are an extremely innovative and altogether fun concept. They come in a kitsch match stick type box which you then slide open to reveal small circular tablets.    
How do you use these many of you may be wondering? Get your toothy tab and crumble it in your mouth. You will be left with a foamy texture which you can then use to brush away!
These tables are not only great for their compact nature, they are also based with great ingredients of sodium bicarbonate and kaolin meaning they are very gentle on your dental cavity (posh, ey!), sodium bicarbonate has also proven to be an effective and gentle teeth whitening remedy.
Many people question the fact that there is no fluoride in toothy tabs, however fluoride is a existing substance in most tap water areas, particularly within the UK.
The tablets are packed full of wholesome essential oils and come in an array of titles, each having tailored made scents with whimsical sounding ingredients from wasabi, to rose, to traditional spearmint. There are 40 tablets in each packet!
Toothy tabs are great as gifts for friends and family who travel frequently, the eco friendly, everyday home use or just the big kids at heart!
PS, If you are in the Centre please drop if you would like to sign our fighting animal testing petition in store . You can also sign the petition or read more about our campaign here.

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